About Me

Well, it’s 7 AM and the alarm is going off and I realize I’ve done it again…. I once again broke a promise to myself that I would only have one drink last night with my colleagues. My memories of what happened last night are vague at best. How bad did I embarrass myself this time? Who did I piss off? I know I made a fool of myself. Hopefully I still have a job.  As I lay in my hotel room, the phone rings and it is my husband.  He can hear it in my voice within couple of words. He knows I am hungover. He is angry and is asking about my evening and I am lying… as usual. Now I have to head downstairs to the hotel restaurant for breakfast before my business meetings begin.  My head is pounding, my hands are shaky, and there is no doubt I will be vomiting at some point soon.  I hated not knowing who I should apologize to or who to try and avoid that day.   How am I going to survive an entire day of work feeling like this?!

Sound familiar?

As I head  home from my business trip to my put on my mom hat, my heart is full of self-hatred, sadness, and dread.   My spouse,  who had been at home playing Mr. Mom all week,  is ready to get out of the house and cut loose.  Who was I to say no?   I had so much guilt for my behavior that week during my business trip, I went along and headed out for a Friday night of heavy partying.

Hi, I’m Brandi Michelle, Certified Professional Coach through the This Naked Mind Institute.

I am a corporate sales professional with a position requiring weekly overnight travel, staying in hotels with fancy bars, entertaining clients, sales meetings, and drinking, and drinking, and drinking. I am also a mother and a wife, so my duties really never end. I burned the candle at both ends for years. Work hard, party harder was my motto. Why was I surprised that I became a slave to alcohol?  The hangovers got worse, the blackouts more frequent, and the negative consequences at home and at work increased.   

I kept trying to control my drinking, but it was controlling me and everything about my life. Why can’t I just have one or two drinks? Why do I keep blacking out? How am I going to stop doing this?  I’m so tired of feeling this way! I can’t keep going on like this!

I just wanted to be able to moderate, drink like “normal” people.  I wanted to be able to stop once I had started. I wanted off of the roller coaster ride my life had become!

I tell you my story to offer you hope.  I found a way off of the roller coaster and now I want to share how I did it with you, so you can know the same peace and freedom that I now know.  I tried ALL of the traditional methods and they did not work for me. I finally found something that did work, and I feel like it is nothing short of a miracle that I not only found a way to freedom, but that I am lucky enough to get to pass the information along to others.

My passion to help others drove me to obtain my coaching certification through the This Naked Mind Institute.  I specialize in helping people who want to explore their relationship with alcohol, who are curious about sobriety or moderation, and are open to experimenting with a life beyond alcohol.

My coaching program is based on the most cutting-edge research.  We will dive into the psychology and the neurobiology around the addictive nature of alcohol and your beliefs around the benefits alcohol has in your life.  

I coach without labels, without shame, and without guilt.  Once we deconstruct your beliefs and you see the truth about alcohol, your desire to drink will be gone.  You will be able to live the life of your dreams- Eyes Wide Open.

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